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A platform that connects students with freelance writers. Once an order is placed, there is an open auction going where the student can communicate with any of the writers who bid. The student chooses a performer, and all the further cooperation goes through the guarantor of the deal.
What are the advantages?:
The main advantage is the highest conversion rate and a bigger number of rebills (a student makes 12-16 reorders on the platform). Even if the student wants to change the service provider, he don't need to change the website, because it's a marketplace, and they could simply pick another performer to do their work. There are hundreds of options from numerous writers.
Why do the students choose it?:
  • A writer's rating and statistics are visible and accessible for the student at any time. As well as the feedbacks on them.
  • A student gets direct real-time communication with every candidate; they can discuss all the details with their potential performer.
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50% for new orders and 50% for rebills. |
The websites of the companies which provide academic paper-writing services of all kinds, written in English.

What are the advantages?:
Trusted brands on the US market which have a high rebill rate (9 rebills on average); the ones which were the main public websites in the niche for a long time.
Why do the students choose it?:
  • Guaranteed quality. A professional team of 500+ qualified writers rapidly performs high-end essays, dissertations, courseworks, etc.
  • Affordable prices; Bonuses and discounts for loyal clients.
  • Experienced sales agents and personal VIP support create loyalty to the brand.