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Affiliate agreement

The main goal of this Agreement is a legal authorized connection between two parties – you and our, regarding your connection to this web site or any linked applications of ours.

You should confirm your commitment by the valid terms and conditions of this Affiliate Agreement before proceeding any further with the mentioned Program.

What does Affiliate agreement involve:

As it was already mentioned, this affiliate agreement aims to authorize a valid connection between both our parties. That concerns usage of the web site and the Affiliate Program by you and by us.

Mentioned above program will be relevant in case:

  • User was registered on the web site and became our Partner;
  • This web site was opened and examined in any browser or by means of any device;
  • User discontinued being our Partner and quitted using our Web Site;
  • User is involved or ceased cooperation with our Affiliate Program;

This way, surfing our web site by means of any browser or device you provide your full comply and understanding of being restrained by terms and conditions of the mentioned Affiliate Program.

Moreover, we keep the priority to double-check and ask for your agreement at any time.

Without confirmation and approval of our Affiliate Agreement and Terms you will be restricted to any use of this site. Any actions of such character will be viewed as illegal actions of yours. If you are not able to give your confirmation or approval to any of our Terms and Conditions, we would like to ask you about leaving of this web page immediately.

Using the website

There are two ways of further cooperation with this web site:

  • Site can be viewed by anyone in a role of a Visitor;
  • Any person can register and become a full Partner to our Program;

Anyone is allowed to look through this web site as a Visitor of ours. Anyone can get stable access to the site free of charge by means of any devices or browsers. Nevertheless, visiting this website can only be conducted with an informational aim (if no approval was given by our side in a written form).

Neither private nor public bids will be made anyone, who is viewing this site in a role of a Visitor. The main goal of the information on this web page is to make you familiar with our Affiliate Program and conveniences of mentioned Program.

Before becoming our Partner, you should finish an enrollment procedure and confirm your enrollment.

By pressing button “SIGN IN” you give your full confirmation and understanding of the following: by submitting a registration form and enrolling this site as a Partner to our Program you might receive promotional materials and announcements by any means from our Webpage.

The enroll form for becoming our Partner will demand certain personal information, that can be used for marketing and advertisement aims. Thus, your personal information will be protected by our Cookie and Privacy Policy.

In case you are no longer willing to receive messages and advertisements you are always eligible to unsubscribe by contacting us or thought your personal account on our website. Once we receive you request – you will no longer be recipient to our emails.

All our public relations will be held in regards to the following policies:

  • You will always be able to access the mailer`s information (in at least 30-day period);
  • All the advertisement emails will have a corresponding mark;
  • You are able to unsubscribe or request such, as well as provide us with your evaluation or objection without any charges;
  • All the responses to our emails of promotional character will be processed promptly.

Our Affiliate Program

All the parties are involved in the agreement though our Affiliate Program. Mentioned Program aims to gain traffic by means of different marketing and technological approaches.

Once you confirm your registration an email with an approval of your registration will be sent to your mailbox and you will be further viewed as a Partner to out Affiliate Program. You might also receive some Promotional materials, that can be useful for you as for our Partner.

By promotional materials we mean:

  • Banners;
  • Keywords;
  • Links;
  • Etc.

As our Partner you have a right to post our Materials on any of your sites or any other sites of third parties in case you eligible and possess a lawful permission to do so. Any visitor, who clicks on our Promotional Materials placed on your or any other site will be redirected to the various webpages.

We reserve any intellectual property rights in regards of our Promotional Materials in any cases not depending on the circumstances.

As soon as you have enrolled our Program as a Partner you possess defined, nonexclusive rights to use our Promotional materials totally lawfully except of gaining any income using our promotional materials or of any actions with the mentioned materials, that are not specified by the Affiliate Agreement. Your legit authorization will be valid during the 6-months period from the moment of registration.

You are eligible of gaining a reward once there is an order or a purchase on behalf of our Promotional Materials, as long as the terms and conditions of Affiliate Agreements were followed. The mechanism of rewards will be further described below.

The authority to check and approve the Promotional Materials without warning of keeping the Promotional Materials updated is maintained by us. A partner to our Affiliate Program might be also discharged without any notification, at our foresight. However, you reserve a priority of written request for being removed from our affiliate Program.

Once you are not considered as a Partner to our Affiliate Program you no longer possess any rights for defined use of our Promotional Materials.

As our Partner you reserve all right to introduce our Program to any third parties and even encouraged to do so by our referral program and bonuses for the third parties` actions. Any third character led by you will be viewed as “your referral”. The mechanism of rewards will be further described below.

Acceptable Use

So that we could be bale to guarantee you a legit and secure cooperation for both sides, we have established certain constrains.

You are not eligible for any usage of this website and the Affiliate Program in case you have not attained legal majority. Any under aged people are prohibited for any usage of this webpage and the program itself. Age of majority only stated by the legislation system of your country and you are totally responsible of its acquaintance and consideration this this term concerns your personality. By enrolling to our Program as our Partner you provide a confirmation, that you are totally of age to use this website and program.

You are not allowed to promote our Program or introduce our Materials to anything and anyone, that might be viewed as unethical, not legit or unreliable:

  • Any fraudulent activities or automatized or false ways of leads generating;
  • Any methods, that generate spurious purchases and orders;
  • Any private information, that you are not allowed to possess to generate traffic;
  • Any traffic generation by means of spam technologies including emails.

Affiliate Rearwards

A partner is eligible to receive bonuses for successful actions by meeting all of the following terms:

  • All the terms and conditions mentioned in the Affiliate Agreement were met and completed by the Partner fully;
  • In case the purchases and orders placed in behalf of our Partner using our Promotional Materials are fully paid. You reward in such cases might be the following:
    • Not more than 75% of the amount of an order, that is paid by the customer for the first time;
    • Not more than 35% of the amount of an order, that is paid by the customer, that had already made a purchase with us before.

Bonuses mentioned in this Affiliate Agreement are only given if we see those as necessary compensations for your performance. We are not obliged to reward you for the efforts, thus your participation in the Affiliate Program is conducted for your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

To facilitate our risks and define ours and your responsibilities there is a set of guidelines you should follow.

It is a must to release and hold the following parties:
  • us,
  • our employees,
  • officers,
  • shareholders,
  • agents,
  • representatives,
  • affiliates,
  • subsidiaries,
  • advertising,
  • promotion and fulfillment agencies,
  • third party providers or sources of information or data,
  • advertising,
  • and legal advisers, harmless from any and all of the following that may be related to our Affiliate Program:
    • losses,
    • damages,
    • rights,
    • claims,
    • and actions.
These hold, but are not defined to:
  • Any bugs, miss functions, breakdowns or complications, related to your telephone, electronics, hardware or software, network, Internet service, email, or computer.
  • Any computer communications, that are not successful or postponed, deficient in any way;
  • Any conditions beyond our control disrupt our Affiliate Program;
  • Our services being connected to, resulting in any injuries, misfortunes or damage of any kind;
  • Any materials associated with our services containing printed or typographical errors any way.
We are not accountable or responsible for the following:
  • Lack of understanding and memorizing our Affiliate Agreement;
  • Your disrespect or mistreatment of our Affiliate Program;
  • Not meeting your expectation regarding the result of the mentioned Program.

In case your participation in our program demands any costs or fees, that will be viewed as your responsibility and you will be the only one accountable for the mentioned fees.

In case any direct, indirect, penal, accidental, consequential damage will be caused by using of this website and the information provided - we will not be responsible for the loss and we are not hold as accountable.

In case the of any usage or failure to use the website or the materials provided hereby cause any consequences, we accept no responsibilities and will not be viewed as responsible for any connected harm.

We are not held as liable for any transmissions, content or links of any other website that is linked on our website.

In case of any unethical, not legit or unreliable or any other improper way of using of our Affiliate Program we will not be accountable for any consequences. You are the only liable for punitive or lawful consequences are only your responsibility. As well as we are not held liable of any software, mail provider, internet service provider issues that led to postpones or any other damages.

General Provisions

This agreement is a fundament of awareness and comprehension between us and you. Neither verbal nor written information mentioned in this Affiliate Agreement can be counted on by both parties.

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our Privacy and Cookie Policy is a binding arrangement. While conveying a sufficient confirmation by using this website by means of any browser or device, you will be enrolled into this agreement. The significance of our Privacy and Cookie Policy is applied to any user while whole period of utilizing of the website. We from our side and you from your side will obtain mutual lawful rights and duties.

Without confirmation and approval of our Privacy and Cookie Policy you will be restricted to any use of this site. Any actions of such character will be viewed as illegal actions of yours. If you are not able to give your confirmation or approval to any of our Privacy and Cookie Policy, we would like to ask you about leaving of this web page immediately.

How your information is used

While viewing this website we receive certain defined quantity of information about you, that is only performed so to ameliorate your user experience with us.

When you confirm our Privacy and Cookie Policy you approve, that all the motives of gaining your information are clear, accurate, appropriate and legal. On the other side, you confirm the relevance, completeness and accuracy as well as originality of the information provided.

All the accessed affirmation is viewed as such gathered totally legit and honestly. We do not gather any information in purpose without your permission before ahead. This information is only provided with you being acknowledged by filling out any forms or questionnaires, establishing your identity or communicating with us by any mean.

We are eligible to gather your information while observing your performance and interactions on the website, observing your transactions on the website or while using cookies or any similar technologies.

  • your racial or ethnic origin,
  • your political views,
  • your religious, philosophical or other beliefs of a similar manner,
  • your trade union membership,
  • your physical or mental health and condition.

When we gather and use any personal information we always aim to provide you with c experience. Thus, any claims regarding such situations are of great value for us. In case anyone sees our actions of information gathering as wrongful, confusing or improper we would highly recommend you to draw our attention to this matter, as we always welcome any possibilities to ameliorate our service.

In case you need any further clarifications, we will gladly provide you with such. Please contact us at : EMAIL

We wish you to possess the full possibility to view gathered information, as our purpose is to make this procedure clear and understandable. To review any gathered information on your behalf you only need to request for it. In case any information about you has been gathered, we will:

  • specify it;
  • define our purpose about it;
  • bring out who has viewed this information, if there was anyone;
  • provide you with a copy of all the information.

In case you no longer wish to receive any notifications or letters from our side, please let us know and we will terminate the process of communication immediately.

We will make everything from our side, to keep your information safe and avoid introducing your personal information to any third parties. All our staff members are trained and advised on how to keep gathered information safe and secure. However, if there will be any legal demands to do so, we will be forced to disclose it.

Information, that is obtained

All the information about your browser, your software system, time of your access and IP addresses, when you open the website by means of any browser or device. We are neither capable of identifying you nor aiming recognizing your personality while visiting the website. The information can only be in use for ameliorating of content, customizing of the webpage and amending the layout of the pages.

Once you decide to enroll as a Partner to our Affiliate Program, you will be demanded to provide such information, as your email, ICQ number, Skype ID etc.

Any advertisings, clarifications and updates regarding our Affiliate Program will be sent to the email, you have once provided. Your email might also serve for advertising and marketing goals, as well as to inform you about unique suggests.

We are not eligible and not capable of recognizing your identity from any other information provided.


Any usage of cookies is only performed so to ameliorate your user experience with us. A cookie means a tiny data file for purpose of personal identifier of your visit. When you open our webpage it is being sent from our servers and saved on the device you are utilizing to access the webpage.

When you monitor our webpage and take certain actions, cookies copy and preserve your preferences.

If you switch off the cookies (as it is possible to do so any time), we will not be able to guarantee you that our service performs properly.

  • Session cookies. These cookies only collect your experience with us briefly, while you are viewing the webpage, thus they are no longer valid once you quit the webpage.
  • Persistent cookies. These cookies are preserves on your device and facilitate your preference and performance to be memorizes once you come back to the webpage.

The cookies cab be utilized for the following cases under the following circumstances:

  • To keep you logged in to the system;
  • To eligible you to access the live chat any time you might need guidance;
  • To record your actions via Google Analytics.

None of personal identifying information is gathered by the means of cookies.

Final Provisions

Our Privacy and Cookies Policy is a fundament of awareness and comprehension between you and us. Neither verbal nor written information mentioned in these Privacy and Cookies Policy can be counted on by both parties.

In case any of the parties failed to stick to the mentioned above in Privacy and Cookies Policy, none permission is granted for further refusal of mentioned abidance.

In 24 hours of a warning or notification that are subject to in Privacy and Cookies Policy is sent, it will be further viewed as delivered.

Neither any kind of association, nor joint enterprise is determined by means of our Privacy and Cookies Policy. None of the parties, you and us, can not be viewed as any other`s agent and will not be eligible or permitted to enroll any kind of agreement or contract on behalf of the others.

Stated here provisions will be changed or edited in case any of it will be viewed as invalid by an authority, until they are capable of being treated as valid.

We reserve the right to edit, meliorate, customize and alter in our Privacy and Cookies Policy, without any notification, at our foresight.